Interview with Sarat Pediredla from Hedgehog Lab


Hedgehog Lab founded by Mark Foster and Sarat Pediredla.

Andréa: Do you know about Hyper Island? What do you think of it?

Sarat: I didn’t know about Hyper Island before but since your email came
through, I have had a chance to look around the site and it looks
pretty impressive. It seems to address training in niche areas which
are often missed by traditional academic institutions.

Andréa: What is the hottest on the mobile market right now? (apps/web design)

Sarat: I would say apps are where the money is right now but web design is
slowly growing with more complex web frameworks coming into the
picture. I still see apps ruling for platforms like iOS but web apps
might be a better solution for cross-platform development in the

Andréa: Do you specialize in all platforms or just iPhone?

Sarat: We primarily tend to do a lot of iOS (iPhone/iPad) work simply because
there is a lot of demand for it. However, we can develop for the
Blackberry and Android platforms.

Andréa: What media do you follow to keep up with the mobile app market?

Sarat: There is no specific media we follow. We tend to definitely follow
Apple coverage and mostly RSS feeds surrounding the tech industry.

Andréa: How do you think the pricing of apps will develop? Free + ads, cheaper,
 more expensive?

Sarat: I am afraid the trend  seems to be going towards Free + ads but I
would like to believe that quality premium apps will command the top
grossing and successful apps list.

Andréa: How much mobile do you do at the moment?

Sarat: A majority of our development work is now focused on mobile but we
tend to do a fair bit of web work due to our products being web-based.

Andréa: How many people are involved in the development of an app?

Sarat: It can average between 1 to 5 people depending on the complexity of the app.

Andréa: What trends are there at the moment?

Sarat: I think iPad apps are the hot trend at this moment. However, there is
still significant demand for iPhone applications.

Andréa: What’s your prediction of the future?

Sarat: Difficult to predict but I think mobile platforms in general will
become better with Blackberry and Nokia upping their game. I also
think mobile app development will become the industry of the future as
more people move to compact and smaller sized devices.

Andréa: What are you excited about in terms of mobile?

Sarat: iOS as a platform is very exciting. I want to see how Apple will
incorporate this in future devices and how their mobile strategy will
play out.

Newer technologies like Augmented Reality and Geo Location
capabilities will allows us to develop engaging applications that we
could not even imagine a few years ago.

Andréa: Are you able to accept interns from Hyper Island in the future? And if,
 what do you expect from them? Attitude, skills etc.

Sarat: I would love to consider interns from Hyper Island now that i know of
it. For us, attitude and aptitude is more important than skills.
Someone who has a passion for what they are doing, will work hard to
get it done and is smart in how they deal with their work. Skills are